Drugs: More Than Chemical Reactions

The growing body of evidence (albeit circumstantial) that points to what I feel is the most profound aspect of how science itself is revealing an inescapable fact: Mystical experiences, whether naturally or chemically induced, have tangible effects that reach far beyond temporary chemical reactions acting on our neural pathways through the bombardment or deprivation of normal channels of communication within the brain and central nervous system.


What I think really happened, is that the DEA had no idea how large the Kratom industry was. They vastly underestimated the pro-Kratom movement, the number of Kratom users, as well as the size of the Kratom industry. After reading through the extraordinarily cherry-picked, and very biased notice they entered into the Federal Register, the truth becomes difficult to deny.

Scientifically-Proven Religious Experiences?

Practically blasphemy to mainstream religions, world governments, and the mainstream population is the idea that psychedelics could have the undeniably and scientifically-measurable effect of inducing religious experiences.

Combining Kava & Cannabis

Now that Cannabis is legal for recreational use in three states as of the writing of this article, it feels important to address what will undoubtedly be a continuing flood of questions regarding combining kava and cannabis (marijuana).  Customers from both Washington...

Kava Kava Dosage Guide

What is a usual and safe Kava Kava dosage? We answer that question in detail here at Entheology.com to help give you a safe path to Kava consumption.

Which Side Is Winning The War on Drugs?

The current and previous presidents of the United States used marijuana. So has presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry. California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has admitted to drug use. Radio host Rush Limbaugh, who once beat the drums for jailing white junkies, has been through drug treatment.

Headshrinking the American

No one will ever accuse the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) of having low aspirations. Not content with merely limiting the use of narcotics, the powerful anti-drug entity wants to control of your mind. As part of a bold scientific venture, the organization is developing a revolutionary regime of pharmaceuticals that will render the brain immune to mind-altering substances. Make no mistake, researchers are taking part in a profound endeavor to reshape the human species in accordance with statutory law. Forget the heavy-handed tactics which have long characterized the war on drugs, these pioneering medications offer a teeth-chattering glimpse into the future of social control.

Garden of Eden – Day 1

No sooner had God created Adam and put him in Eden than God began to contradict himself. He told Adam that he could eat from all the trees of the garden. ALL the trees. Then God said, “Nevertheless, you can’t eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. If you do, you will die that very day.”

Patriot Act II Partially Signed Into Law

On December 13, when U.S. forces captured Saddam Hussein, President George W. Bush not only celebrated with his national security team, but also pulled out his pen and signed into law a bill that grants the FBI sweeping new powers. A White House spokesperson explained the curious timing of the signing – on a Saturday – as “the President signs bills seven days a week.” But the last time Bush signed a bill into law on a Saturday happened more than a year ago – on a spending bill that the President needed to sign, to prevent shutting down the federal government the following Monday.

City Tries to Prohibit Substance

Though it’s legal for anyone to buy and sell Salvia Divinorum – an organic substance St. Peters police are referring to as “chewable marijuana” – police, along with at least one store in the city, are trying to keep it out of the hands of minors.

Fasting Fakir Flummoxes Physicians

Doctors and experts are baffled by an Indian hermit who claims not to have eaten or drunk anything for several decades – but is still in perfect health. Mr Prahlad Jani under surveillance in hospital. Prahlad Jani, a holy man, or fakir, who is over 70 years old, has just spent 10 days under constant observation in Sterling Hospital, in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad.

Bush Making Drug Cartels Wealthy

“Things are definitely deteriorating on the security front,” notes Paul Barker, the Afghan country director for CARE International. Twelve aid workers have been killed in the last year and dozens injured. A year ago, there was, on average, one attack on aid workers per month; now such attacks average one per day.

Marijuana Causes AND Prevents Pregnancy!

Anywhere you look in the news, you see the demonization and conflicting information surrounding marijuana. For example, “high concentrations of human waste are left behind by smugglers, who come to the U.S. to care for the crops. This impacts wildlife, vegetation and water quality along rivers and streams. It also detracts from natural, scenic qualities”.

America Destroying Coca Cultures

There has been rioting in Bolivia for nearly four weeks now. News reports say that the riots have been over the construction of a pipeline to ship natural gas to the United States. That’s true, but there’s a deeper anger at work: anger toward the United States and its war against a traditional Bolivian crop, coca.

Medical Marijuana – Clinical Studies Replace Emotion with Evidence

For hundreds of years, marijuana has been used to treat a wide variety of illnesses. But the herb has been illegal throughout the modern era of scientific medical research. Patients swear the drug works to relieve pain, prevent seizures, and counteract the nausea-inducing effects of cancer chemotherapy. But by today’s standards, there’s no definitive proof that this is so.

Drugs Roots are in Spiritual Ceremonies

The oldest herb store in Canada — and perhaps North America — often gets requests for the mind-altering salvia divinorum. “We’re the kind of place people call for that stuff — and that’s why we don’t have it,” says Roger Lewis, chartered herbalist with Thuna Herbals, a family-run business since 1888. Lewis has been in this field for 10 years and has a healthy respect both for the healing abilities of certain plants and for the role they play in some cultures and traditions.

Herb Inspires High Expectations

For hundreds of years, salvia divinorum, also known as diviner’s sage and magic mint, has been part of the culture of the ancient peoples of the Sierra Mazateca. In a manner similar to peyote, it has been used by local indigenous peoples to induce an altered state for spiritual or meditative purposes.

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