What I think really happened, is that the DEA had no idea how large the Kratom industry was. They vastly underestimated the pro-Kratom movement, the number of Kratom users, as well as the size of the Kratom industry. After reading through the extraordinarily cherry-picked, and very biased notice they entered into the Federal Register, the truth becomes difficult to deny.

Kava Kava Dosage Guide

What is a usual and safe Kava Kava dosage? We answer that question in detail here at to help give you a safe path to Kava consumption.

Drugs: More Than Chemical Reactions

The growing body of evidence (albeit circumstantial) that points to what I feel is the most profound aspect of how science itself is revealing an inescapable fact: Mystical experiences, whether naturally or chemically induced, have tangible effects that reach far beyond temporary chemical reactions acting on our neural pathways through the bombardment or deprivation of normal channels of communication within the brain and central nervous system.

Scientifically-Proven Religious Experiences?

Practically blasphemy to mainstream religions, world governments, and the mainstream population is the idea that psychedelics could have the undeniably and scientifically-measurable effect of inducing religious experiences.

Combining Kava & Cannabis

Now that Cannabis is legal for recreational use in three states as of the writing of this article, it feels important to address what will undoubtedly be a continuing flood of questions regarding combining kava and cannabis (marijuana).  Customers from both Washington...

Ancient Psychoactive Incense and Preparations

For millennia humankind has lived with nature, utilizing the flora and fauna to survive. Over the centuries, through trial and error, they learned which plants were the most nutritious, healthy and beneficial; and consequently they learned which plants possessed unique healing, spiritual and magical properties. Early in antiquity humankind discovered the healing properties and magical qualities of plants like Papaver Somniferum, Cannabis Sativa and fungi like Amanita Muscaria

Structure of the Nervous System

When studying the many powerful entheogens that are found the world over, it is very common that one comes across information about how particular plants and chemicals affect the brain at a cellular level. Therefore, in order to fully study entheology, it is extremely important to have at least a very basic amount of knowledge regarding how the brain and the nervous system works.

The Plight of the Huichol Indians

The Huichol refer to themselves as “Wixáritari”, which is translated into “the people”. They were a vividly rich culture that relied heavily on shamanic tradition to guide them and to keep them in harmony with the land. They’re now fighting for survival.

Alkaloid Groups – A Brief Overview

Alkaloids are particularly important to the study of entheogens because many of them have pharmacological effects and may be used as medicines, recreational drugs or spiritual catalysts. In fact, in much of the history of screening of plants for psychoactive and medicinal compounds, any species found to contain no alkaloids has been disregarded for the most part.

Treating PTSD: New Studies Offer Hope for Trauma Victims

Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is a severe anxiety disorder which occurs when an individual is exposed to extremely traumatic events. The term is a fairly new one, having only been formally recognized in 1980. Prior to that, PTSD symptoms were often classified as ‘exhaustion’, ‘shell-shock’, ‘stress syndrome’, ‘traumatic war neurosis’, and so forth.

MAOI Dietary Restrictions

When consuming pharmaceutical Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors or plants which contain alkaloids that act as MAOIs, it is important to observe a strict diet in order to avoid health issues. In particular, there is an amino acid known as tyramine which is found in various foods which can cause a hypertensive reaction when combined with an MAOI.

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