Alstonia scholaris – Dita Tree

The seeds of the dita tree contain indole alkaloids, which are known to be psychoactive. The bark also contains several alkaloids, including ditamine and echitamine. The Malaysian species A. angustifolia is also known to contain yohimbine, a well known aphrodisiac. The bark of the dita tree is said to have pronounced aphrodisiac effects. One of the indole alkaloids contained in the seeds, known as alstovenine, is also an MAO inhibitor, which allows for the psychoactive effects of the seeds. Dita tree seeds are said to help men to maintain an erection and to delay orgasm during intercourse. The alkaloid echitamine, found in the bark, is said to kill malaria, although significantly less effective than quinine. The effects of dita tree bark on malaria have yet to be demonstrated in medical studies.