Kratom Testing LabFinally, a Kratom-Friendly Lab!

It can be difficult to find a reliable kratom testing lab that doesn’t cost more than the product you need to get tested. It can be even more difficult to find a lab that is friendly to Mitragyna speciosa at all.

This is where Wonderland Labs in Vista, CA comes in!

Wonderland Labs been testing Kratom (and a wide range of other exotic botanicals) for over 10 years. They also have become experts on just about every Kratom strain out there. With 10 years of Kratom lab testing under their belts, they’ve built up profiles for just about every strain and variety of Kratom currently on the market. They also have profiles from Kratom on the market going back a decade!

What does this mean for you? You will of course get certified testing results for your Kratom. But, you will be getting a kratom testing lab that believes in the Kratom community and can discuss your results with authority. It’s one thing to get a Certificate of Analysis and hope for the best. It’s another thing entirely to have that Certificate of Analysis explained to you, in as much detail as you need.

Furthermore, the owner of the lab; me, was one of the pioneers in fighting for the rights of responsible adults to use Kratom. I was a former board member of the Botanical Legal Defense. I helped gather the donations (while also putting out my own funds) necessary to hire pro-Kratom lobbyists. In fact, I was one of the two people who actually went to the state capital in Illinois to help get a law that was going to make Kratom a Schedule I substance, turned instead into a law that made Kratom legal for purchase for those 18 and older.

The lab also has a comprehensive website that literally takes you by the hand and walks you through the submission process. Everything you need to know about product testing is there. From which tests to get, to how much and how to package the material you need to send them, and so on. I’ve read through their FAQ called “CAN YOU WALK ME THROUGH THE SUBMISSION PROCESS?” and it’s surprisingly concise.

Wonderland Labs is part of the contract manufacturer Florascience, Inc. FSI built a beyond-compliant GMP manufacturing facility from the ground up to handle supplements. They have a focus on Kava Kava. And now, the lab represents a small group of local testing labs in Vista, CA who share a large number of accreditations and certifications. Not everyone wants to be at the forefront of the Kratom industry. So, Wonderland Labs bravely has taken the helm as the spokesperson for the labs.

BOTTOM LINE: If you need to get your Kratom tested in a lab to ensure FDA compliance and safety?  – Whether it heavy metals (including nickel), biological, pesticides, or whether you’re simply looking to verify the identity of the material you may be considering purchasing, look no further. With the latest testing equipment, super-fast turnaround times, an online portal, you’re covered. The online portal is a dream; it tracks your testing progress as well as houses all of your key certificates and data.

Super-friendly, super modern, and ultra-easy is what they’re all about.

Lastly, Wonderland Labs is not just a Kratom Testing Lab. They also handle just about any other herbs you might want to get tested. And, they have a large, unique database of profiles for hard-to-find herbs. Any lab can test for biological contaminants and heavy metal content. But, not every lab can confirm the identity of some of the more exotic herbs such as Wild Dagga, Blue Lotus, Kava, Kanna, and many others.

It’s all about trust, and to us, the Kratom testing lab I trust most is Wonderland Labs. Give us a call, speak with the owner; me, and find out why Wonderland Labs the #1 lab for testing Kratom in the industry. And, if you’re looking for a contract manufacturer for your Kratom, give Florasicence, Inc. a call as well.