UDV Wins Ayahuasca CaseMy dear supporters, family and friends;

At 1:44 pm Eastern Standard Time today, December 10th 2004, the entire Supreme Court of The United States convened and determined to deny the Department of Justice’s request for that Court’s further intervention in the UDV’s legal case. The stay that Justice Breyer had temporarily granted on December 1st is now vacated (lifted). The UDV, under Protective Order from the Federal District Court of New Mexico, (twice affirmed by the United States Court of Appeals) will now be free to practice our religion in this country.

It is my profound privilege and honor to share this good news with each of you. In a time where many have seen the increasing cultural influence of darkness, ignorance and intolerance, the Holy Light of Goodness has once again been affirmed. I extend my heartfelt thanks to each of you for your care, interest and most sincere support.

With Love and in Peace,
Jeffrey Bronfman