Recipe For Xochipili LiqueurXochipili is the Aztec god of flowers, pleasure, feasting, debauchery, and creativity. This is our favorite recipe for Xochipili liqueur – it combines several very potent entheogens that were used by the Aztecs, and we are sure you will find the effects quite pleasant.


•  15 G of crushed blue lotus (Nymphaea cerulean)
•  15 G of dried red poppy flowers (Papaver rhoes)
•  3 Bigelow Cozy Chamomile Herb tea bags (add to Blue Lotus)
•  1 Tazo Passion tea bag
•  2 tsp. pure vanilla extract
•  3 tablespoons of honey
•  300 ml of 151 proof Bacardi rum
•  150 ml Kahlua
•  150 ml Sherry


1. Place in all ingredients into glass jar. Seal. Shake well. Allow to macerate for a week, shaking occasionally during this time.
2. After the week, strain through wire mesh strainer.
3. Filter through a coffee filter

You will be left with a dark amethyst-garnet colored sweet liqueur with a magical smell, and very potent and interesting effects (not all due to the alcohol).