buy-kratom_200x300Just when it seems the internet is saturated with new stores selling Kratom, every once in a while a diamond appears in the rough.  One example of this is, who has made a lasting impression on us, not by what they do, but by the things they DON’T do.

Unless you’ve got stellar product with equally stellar shipping speed, pricing, and support, you’re not going to last long as a Kratom supplier in such a fiercely marketed and competitive marketplace.  But, Buy Kratom was undaunted, taking a different approach to setting themselves apart from the crowd; they purchased an already operational division of a Kratom company that had a large, loyal fan base, and split off into a company that sells only Kratom.

BuyKratom purchases all of their products from ShamansGarden; one of the oldest and most respected vendors of exotic botanicals in the marketplace.  They also purchased the rights to use their trademarked names, images, descriptions, packaging, and even the proprietary process of receiving, processing, and shipping orders.

But who really cares?  What does that mean for you?

It’ means A LOT, actually.  You will immediately notice the simplified website with just 16 products, all of which are Kratom products.  And, those Kratom products don’t have all the exotic names vendors seem to love assigning to their Kratom products.  they make it as easy as possible by simply offering a “Bronze”, a “Silver” and a “Gold” version of their extracts.  They also offer the standard leaf products, in both crushed and powdered, to give you as wide a variety of choices as possible.

They also have the exact same expertise and shipping policies as ShamansGarden; they ship products the SAME DAY, with a standard “No Questions Asked” Return Policy.

We know, it can take A LOT to move away from a vendor you’ve come to trust with your Kratom products.  But, we don’t say this lightly when we say that we whole-heartedly recommend BuyKratom for all your Kratom needs.  With FREE SHIPPING for any order over $75.00, they even beat their mentors in pricing.

Best of all, we have been authorized to offer a 1-time coupon that gives you 20% OFF YOUR FIRST PURCHASE there!  The coupon code is simply “FIRSTTIMER20P“.  Choose your favorite Kratom Product from the Buy Kratom Product List, and enter the coupon code upon checkout.  They’ll know you came to them from us by the coupon code itself.

Let us know how your experience was with them; companies are made or broken by the people who speak about them, so comments are wide open below.