Our Mission

We’re constantly searching for shamanic cultures and traditions, doing our small part to preserve and to promote the sacred knowledge of Shamanism by amassing a carefully-selected database of articles specifically related to entheogens, religion, ethnobotanicals, shamanic cultures and the politics that go with it. We also offer concise and unique information for any curious modern-day spiritual explorer.

Entheogens can give access to spiritual dimensions of consciousness that are indistinguishable from classic religious mysticism, yet only a few are presently protected under religious freedom laws.  Awakening experiences instantly reveal how important it is to fight to keep the knowledge of these plants alive, as well as the cultures that have cultivated them for centuries.

So here is my beacon, honest in its design, obvious in its intent.  My desire always remains the same; to find those who resonate with all that entheogens reveal, to find expression through mutual revelation of all I hope to be true, to awaken others as I was awakened to a dream that is larger than any of us have ever imagined or have simply forgotten. Wrapped in such humanness, we have the power to reach beyond, to share that which is real, to love and to be loved with complete surrender.

This is why I am, why I still am, and what will always be my main purpose and intent.  And this website, is simply another expression of my passion for Shamanism, mystical experiences, and the sacred plants that help make it all possible.

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