16-22 July 2005 – Solga del Alma Website

The Church, “Soga del Alma” – “Vine of the Soul” – organizes a Conference for those interested in Amazonian shamanism and ceremonies managed by authentic Amazonian curandero(a)s will also be made available. People who drink Ayahuasca all over the world are most often isolated, drink at home and try to pursue their path by learning from more experienced people they most often meet on the Internet, or by reading books. Most of them only dreamt of going down to South-America, visit the Father-land of the sacred medicina, and meeting curanderos (i.e. healers; South-American shamans). The Vine of the Soul has an immense knowledge to teach to anyone willing to drink its decoction. Curanderos, who use Ayahuasca in order to heal people, reguraly drink the medicina (Ayahuasca) and carry this knowledge with them in order to help other people make contact with the Vine and thereby get the knowledge they need to rebalance their beings, their lives and keep on living wisely, with open eyes on the world.

In it’s core, this meeting will allow to make contact with Ayahuasca through curanderos who dedicate their lives to introduce people to it, in the setting they have always been working: the largest forest of the world. This meeting is therefore mainly a meeting with the teacher and healer Ayahuasca in her homeland. There will also be Curanderos who heal with other plants or by other means. Ayahuasca is not going to be the only aspect of this conference; Shamanism will.

The idea of this meeting originated in our will to meet all the people from the Ayahuasca forums, who help each other to prepare Ayahuasca safely and drink it in appropriate settings, although very far from the Jungle, sincerely trying to learn and transmit the wisdom Ayahuasca bestows on them. Therefore, this meeting is also for all the people from this anonymous internet community. How wonderful for all of these people (us) to meet and put a face on the nicknames and avatars we are used to see on computer screens. How wonderful to drink Ayahuasca together and share our love for Pachamama’s wisdom, where Man has not yet cut all her her beautiful green hair.