p_1529We’ve received a flood of emails and calls from concerned citizens, asking how they can help us fight to keep Kratom legal. We couldn’t be more thrilled at the response, and want to involve as many of you as possible as quickly as possible. Having said that, the absolute best thing you can do for Kratom at the moment, is to TALK about it. Kratom is being mis-categorized in legislation across the United States, incorrectly being lumped in with “synthetics”, “dangerous street drugs”, “designer drugs”, as seen in dangerous products such as “Spice”, “K2” and several others.

We couldn’t agree more that legislation needs to be put into place to at least regulate the flood of “synthetics” that have made their way into the marketplace because of unscrupulous vendors. But Kratom is a completely safe, natural, non-synthetic herbal supplement that does not deserve to be placed into the same category as these synthetics.

There are already more than a few studies that have shown the immense potential for Kratom as a medicine. From its potential as a powerful means to alleviate pain, to acting as a powerful component of mitigating addictions, to many more outlined in the medical research, Kratom needs to remain legal, for no other reason than to allow the research into its medical potential to continue.


WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP?” is the #1 question we get. As of this writing, the absolute BEST THING you can do to help is to get the word out via the KRATOM LETTER TO CONGRESS. On this page, we have a continually-updated actionable list of letters we’re currently sending out to Congresspeople. For example, as of this writing, we’re on Volume 1 | Issue 2 of the Newsletter, which is the form letter to Senator David Derby in Oklahoma.

The best you can do at this moment of the fight is to personalize that letter, and then, via snail mail, email, or fax, send that letter to the Senator, informing him that Kratom has been mis-categorized as a “synthetic drug” when it absolutely is not.

Find all of the latest medical research on Kratom on our “KRATOM MEDICAL RESEARCH” page. IF they’re note there already, each study will have a “Plain English Summary” of what the point of each study was to help you have a lucid and educated discussion about the topic.

As always, I’m here to personally answer any questions you might have, and if it’s not there already, we will soon have the Botanical Legal Defense website online and updating constantly instead of my posting all of the relevant information here.

Warm Regards,
Keith (keith at botanicallegaldefense dot org)