Dream Change CoalitionThe world is as we dream it. When we give energy to our visions, they materialize.

At times like these of great turmoil, challenges and crises, it is especially important to understand this process and to realize that we have the power to change the dream. Sometimes we find that what we thought was a dream turns out to be a fantasy, or even a nightmare. We have the power to change it.

Dream Change Coalition was founded in the early 1990’s during meetings between indigenous communities and John Perkins. Today its guiding council is composed of Dr. Eve Bruce, Lyn Roberts-Herrick, Mary Tendall and John Perkins, along with Ipupiara and other shamans, indigenous elders and Master Teachers. The heart of DCC is its members — those who are part of the ePOLE and Agent of Change programs and who take responsibility for all the incredible projects they have dreamed and brought into the world.

DCC’s mission is:

To inspire sustainability and earth-honoring changes in consciousness;
To conserve rainforests and the world’s natural places;
To apply indigenous wisdom in ways that foster environmental, economic, and social balance;
To facilitate access to expanded levels of awareness.

We invite you to join us on this adventure…

Working closely with indigenous people from the Amazon, Andes, Siberia, Guatemala, Himalayas, Southern Africa and other cultures where shapeshifting dreams into reality is an age-old part of life, DCC has helped many people transform themselves and has cleaned up pollution, preserved endangered forests, plants, and animals, and inspired institutions to commit themselves to helping future generations rather than focusing on selfish, short-term objectives. We are people from every continent and every profession.

Dream Change Coalition
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